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In any business, communication expenses do form a major part of the budget and increasingly so, with the economic meltdown.


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Published:  February 19, 2010

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Slide 1: Ways To Save Your Money On Phone Calls In any business, communication expenses do form a major part of the budget and increasingly so, with the economic meltdown. Today, everyone is looking for ways to curtail the cost of communication and it is this reason that has made VoIP so popular is its ability to make people save money. With VoIP solutions you can meaningfully reduce your monthly phone bills. It applies to any kind of subscriber, from the mobile-savvy individuals to the corporate businesses. The fact is most homes and small businesses are still clinging to the traditional PSTN phone service, also called landline, and many people, especially the elders, are averse to switching over to VoIP system due to the pain of a new idea. But remember getting a VoIP line does not debar you from making use of the existing traditional phone sets. The cost of VoIP service depends largely on the plan you choose. Different service providers tailor their service plans in a variety of ways, and you will surely get a package that suits your needs and optimizes your cost – provided you are willing to do some prestudy and research all available options. There are VoIP services that are free in certain circumstances, so gather all facts before selecting the plan and the service provider. Of course, VoIP service requires an Internet connection, preferably a DSL line, with adequate bandwidth. Besides, a special device called ATA (known as a phone adapter) is needed to sit between your phone set and the DSL Internet router. The phone adapter device is supplied to you with any new subscription, and you do not have to bother running around to buy it. But if your business is too big and you need an advanced system, then consider opting for a full-fledged business VoIP system. With VoIp system, you can use your PC to make free calls worldwide. There is no geographical restriction on location or country and no additional device is needed. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection with adequate bandwidth. You have to choose a PC-based VoIP service and download and install its application called a softphone. You can use a headset to make and receive calls. A classic example is Skype which today has 350 million users worldwide. Downloading and registering for the service is free, and if the communication is between users of the same service, the calls are also free and unlimited. Most individuals and businesses spend a lot of money on calling people living abroad, be it close relatives, friends, customers or business contacts. The best way to make completely free international calls is through a computer connected to the Internet. As explained before, you can use software based VoIP services to make free calls worldwide.
Slide 2: Another way of saving on international calls is by using virtual numbers. A virtual number is an anonymous number that you attach to a real number, such that when someone calls you on the virtual number, your real phone rings. There may be instances when you need to call someone abroad on your mobile or landline phones, and this kind of service is not free as yet. But it still can be cheaper as some service providers have designed plans with really cheap call rates. For more information about this news checkout here,

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