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Powerpoint show. Invitation to participate in Healing Prayer Group. Invitation to use Free Study Laboratory.


Tags:  healing  self help  healing prayer requests  use free study lab  metaphysics. 
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Published:  December 05, 2007

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Slide 1: Welcome to Wordlwide Prayer Treatment and GOOD THINKING LABORATORY WELCOME PART ONE
Slide 2: • This presentation has two purposes. • The first purpose is to invite you to participate in the “healing of the planet” one prayer at a time.
Slide 3: • Worldwide prayer treatment group daily receives dozens of healing prayer requests from all parts of the world.
Slide 4: • You can be a part of this healing process by visiting our website at http://drhugh.org.
Slide 5: • You can request healing, read a written prayer, and become a member of the prayer group.
Slide 6: • There is no fee. • You will receive a prayer request list each week. • Becom a part of the • Healing Prayer Treatment solution!
Slide 7: • Thank you for watching part one. • Please listen to part two.
Slide 8: • The second purpose of this presentation is to introduce you to a teaching/learning resource.’
Slide 9: • Our “GOOD THINKING LABORATORY” has • Been created using materials and links to assist seekers in growing their metaphysical knowledge.
Slide 10: • You, your students, congregants, associates, may use this free resource by simply visiting our website. • http://drhugh.learnhub.net/do/portal
Slide 11: • It is not necessary to log in, but those who do will be offered additional assistance at no charge.
Slide 12: • Welcome to the world of Metaphysical Education! • God Bless You. • Dr Hugh’s website: http://drhugh.org. • Lab Site: http://drhugh.learnhub.net /do/portal

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