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My Twitter Experience 

My Twitter Experience


Tags:  twitter 
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Published:  May 03, 2010

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Slide 1: My Twitter Experience Assignment 5 Neena Bhullar
Slide 2: Twitter Up to the minute info SMS updates Follow or be followed Keep friends, family posted Online Mobile Anytime, Any Place
Slide 3: Twitter: Good, Bad, and Potentially Ugly Many overlapping qualities exist within this application, as in the previous diagram. The ability to combine mobile and online technologies makes this application much more accessible. It does not rely solely on the online world. However, there are some limitations and problems that arise: For example, the number of characters are limited to only 140 or so. The ability for anyone online to “follow you” and even receive text notifications about your whereabouts or current activity is unnerving.
Slide 4: Blogging: Freedom to Write     No limitations as to length Can view others blogs online No restrictions on number of words results in freedom to write whatever you wish Disadvantages:    Can’t necessarily rely on up to the minute updates. Posts can be up at many intervals (hours, days, months) Require a computer to post

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