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Published:  December 10, 2009

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Slide 2: The pe ople in Turkey are very familiar with the jokes and stories of Nasreddin Hodja. Since th eir childhoo d, people have been hearing these jokes all alo ng. They are part of the Turkish culture. Th e whole thing began with a man cal le d Nasreddin Hodja who has lived in central Turk ey, in th e small town called Aksehir. The jokes were part of his daily life and they became accepted and welcomed by the public since his time. H e was a man with great humor, he was very clever and h ad an answer to almost all the pro blems and the dilemmas of his time. Even today, about 600 years after he has lived and passe d away , people in Turkey still laugh and th ink abo ut his tricks, common sense, anecdotes
Slide 3: Here’s our presentation for one of Nasreddin Hodja’s jokes Nasreddin Hodja and the Azrael
Slide 4: Nasreddin Hodja was in deathbed
Slide 5: He called his wife and said; Go and wear your best clothes, perfume and jewels
Slide 6: His wife was surprised;
Slide 7: And said; How can I do that when you’re about to die ?
Slide 8: Nasreddin Hodja smiles; All the better! When the Azrael comes he will like and take you. Not me!!

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