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Oral presentation for PW 

Oral presentation for PW


Tags:  cancer  research  uk 
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Published:  November 24, 2010

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Slide 1: Project Work Oral Presentation Task 1: Ground Breaker Group Index : YJ045 Group Members: Daryl Chee Ma Aye Saw Thi Tan Jian Hao Yip JiaJie
Slide 2: Overview of presentation • Overview on Terry Fox • • Reasons for Choice • Contributions of Terry Fox • Impacts of Contributions • Events Proposed • Conclusion
Slide 3: Overview on Terry Fox • Terrence Stanley Fox (Terry Fox) was a Canadian athlete • Famous for running on a prosthetic leg • Considered to be one of the greatest hero in Canada • Started ‘Marathon of Hope’ to raise funds for cancer research • Raised about $3.5million for cancer research • Gave up the Run as cancer cells spread into his lungs
Slide 4: Reasons for Choice of Groundbreaker • Until now, there is no cure for cancer • A need to create awareness about cancer • By featuring Terry Fox, may reap benefits • Increase in donations and prioritize cancer research
Slide 5: Reasons for Choice of Groundbreaker • Chosen Terry Fox because of his immerse contributions • By featuring Terry Fox, people able to know his efforts • Contributed himself immensely to the society • Handicapped, but he made a difference • Started the Run to give hope to cancer patients • Annual Terry Fox Run in many countries • Role model to many
Slide 6: Contributions Terry's run, the Marathon of Hope • • • • Raised $23.4 million for the cause of cancer research Raised much awareness in cancer Changed the lives of many cancer patients This led to the annual Terry Fox Run around the world
Slide 7: Contributions Second contribution: The Terry Fox Foundation • • • Spread the heroic effort and integrity of Terry Terry Fox Run has become a worldwide event Do donate at other times of the year to the Foundation
Slide 8: Evaluation of contributions • • • • Terry Fox brought new hope to cancer patients Cancer patients themselves could relate to Terry Fox It gave the courage for cancer patients to continue striving Many followed in Terry's foot steps, and ran for the cause.
Slide 9: Impacts • • • • • First Terry Fox Run in 1981 attracted 300,000 participants Raised $3.5 million. To date, more than $400 million has been raised worldwide Excellent person and a role model to many Numerous honours : ► Order of Canada ► Canada Sports hall of Fame ► Canada's Greatest Hero in 1999 Support the research for cancer and funds for cancer patients •
Slide 10: Impact on people • • • • Inspired the public to participate actively Serves as a role model for the disabled. Cancer patients too were inspired by his selflessness Motivated people to strive for a global cause
Slide 11: Evaluation If Terry did not start his run • • The foundation would not have been set up Huge amount of money might not been raised for cancer research
Slide 12: Proposed Events • Proposed Event 1-Video • Proposed Event 2-Exhibition •Main Objectives: • Educate people on Terry Fox • Raise awareness in cancer • Rally support for cancer research
Slide 13: Event 1-Video Video includes: • Life of Terry Fox • His contributions and the impacts of them • Causes and consequences of cancer • Interviews with cancer patients • Tips on healthy lifestyle Duration: about 1/2 hours
Slide 14: Event1-Video Pros: • • Conveys ideas effectively Screen content captures audience's attention Cons: • Costly
Slide 15: Ways of broadcasting 1.Broadcasting in schools • Screened during assemblies • Short speech before screening • Inform them about our objectives 2.Broadcasting through the Internet media • Upload onto popular video hosting sites • For example: Youtube • Enables global viewing
Slide 16: W Ways of broadcasting(cont'd) 3.Broadcasting during annual “Run for Hope” • Video broadcasted before start of run • Participants know more about run and founder Scre en Stag e Seat s Warming Up Area Start Point Running Path Plan for Event1showcasing during “Run for Hope”
Slide 17: Event 2-Exhibition Takashima ya Wisma Atria ORCHA RD MRT STATIO N Pedestrian Walkway • Done before annual Terry Fox Run • Proposed location: Orchard Road • More accessible • Interactive games to educate people on cancer • People encouraged to take part in Run Exhibition Booth for Terry Fox Orchard Road Plan for exhibition at Orchard Road
Slide 18: Event 2-Exhibition Pros: • More interactive Cons: • • Costly Finding a suitable location might be difficult
Slide 19: Conclusion on events • • • • Showcase his life story and contributions To raise the awareness of the cancer To educate the public Are planned with the consideration of the economic aspect and educational aspect
Slide 20: Conclusion of Terry Fox • • • • • • Also known as “Angel Hero” Diagnosed with bone cancer Run the “Marathon of Hope” in Canada Raised funds for cancer research Founder of Terry Fox cancer research foundation Was named after him
Slide 21: Conclusion on impacts • Contributions have impacted on the society Have attracted more people to participate in the run Inspire the public Motivated people to dare to dream E.g. Rick Hansen (wheelchair athlete) • • •
Slide 22: References and Data Gathering Information sourcing • Website such as 404_42/?hub=CTVNewsAt11 • • Books Survey results
Slide 23: Food for Thought • Could find a cure for the cancer Thanks to Terry Fox if cure for cancer is found His spirit would never be forgotten His legacy would continue • • • •
Slide 24: End Of Presentation Thank You For Your Kind Attention

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