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Streetfash is Australia's premier online fashion community and retailing brand dedicated to fashion, art, film and beauty. We believe in creative fashion and individual style.Our goal is to promote and improve awareness of young, independent and emerging fashion and to encourage communication .


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Published:  March 15, 2011

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street fashion

street fashion

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Slide 1: Become a fabulous Fashion 3/15/11
Slide 2: Learn Fashion Illustration from scratch, or take your illustration talent to a new level, with boutique-style Fashion Illustration classes at The Patsyfox Drawing Salon. 3/15/11
Slide 3: Teeny tiny classes taught by Angie Réhe, creator of the Patsyfox illustrated blog (, and lecturer in Fashion Design and Illustration at RMIT University and the Whitehouse Institute of Design. 3/15/11
Slide 4: The first 8 week course for 2011 begins on February 15th (Introduction to Fashion Illustration) & 17th (Creative Fashion Illustration - ongoing advanced level). 3/15/11
Slide 5: Classes held in the creative environment of Fashion designer Nevada Duffy's studio/retail space in Fitzroy. Learn, be inspired, have fun! 3/15/11
Slide 6: For More info :-  http://streetfash. tv 3/15/11

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