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L-Glutamine is your key to a leaner muscle mass. Learn why this compound is great for your body.


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Published:  April 28, 2009

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Slide 1: L-Glutamine: Your Ultimate Power Source -The Key to Leaner Muscles with the Extra Benefits-
Slide 2: What Exactly is L-Glutamine? L-Glutamine is definitely needed by the body in times of stress and after those hard training days in the gym. This amino acid is used for muscle building by drawing water into the cells and making them full. This amino acid can be found mostly in your body's muscles through glutamic acid from foods such as dairy, poultry, pork, wheat germ, avocados and oats.
Slide 3: L-Glutamine for a Healthy Brain? L-Glutamine: Promotes Healthy Brain, Good For Memory, Makes You Smart and Mentally-Alert. L-Glutamine protects the brain cells from dementia, depression, convulsions and even Alzheimer's.
Slide 4: L-Glutamine for the Muscles? L-Glutamine regulates muscle protein especially after a strenuous workout session. L-Glutamine is also helpful for patient recovery as it helps the body's metabolism.
Slide 5: L-Glutamine Heals? The cells of our body uses Glutamine and it is essential in healing. Glutamine also is the main energy source of the cells lining the gut. L-Glutamine fights off fungi, bacteria and parasites that can lead to food allergy, ulcer and Crohn's disease.
Slide 6: L-Glutamine against Cancer? There is this paradox on L-Glutamine being a defense against cancer due to the boosting anti-oxidant powers that makes the body's immune system stronger. There were reports that Glutamine helps stop tumor growth in some cancer patients.
Slide 7: Looking for that Healthy Organic Whey Protein? Taste the Power of THUNDER... your low carb, meal replacement with the great tasting 24 karat Chocolate blended with organic whey protein, sweet honey crystals and apple fibers. Give your body a rest with this unique healthy blend of probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals with a low lactose content.

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