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How To Select The Best Translation Company 


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Published:  November 26, 2009

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Slide 1: How To Select The Best Translation Company Outsourcing your document translation needs is a convenient way to translate a large or small batch of documents. However, you still need to find the right translation company that would meet all of your requirements. It pays to take the time to research different companies and check their pricing options, turn-around times, credentials and quality of their work. The initial step in screening document translation companies is to know their translation service procedure. Inquire whether they accept documents through mail, fax or online as an email attachment or as a scanned document. Find a company that has a service procedure convenient to you. The next factor to consider is the actual services a company offers. Check if a company uses software or manually translates documents. Some document translation companies have translators knowledgeable in specific industries or niches. If your business is in the IT industry, look for a document translation company that specializes in IT or computers. Another company will send your document to a person with a marketing background if your document is about advertising. This practice will more than likely produce better results. The third thing to consider when searching for the right document translation company is what the price structure is. Some companies offer flat-rate pricing based on the number of pages or words in the project, while others calculate prices based on the type of language, urgency, niche or subject of the document, and the number of words. Make sure you are aware of their pricing formula so you are aware of any surcharges, extra fees and costs that may be added to your project. Another important consideration is customer service. A competent support staff can set your expectations correctly with regards to project completion and delivery and decrease hassles on your part. A company usually assigns a manager that would handle your project and serve as your contact for the duration of your project, and in some cases, even for subsequent projects. A final factor that must be considered before choosing a document translation company is the company's credentials. Some companies are members of translation associations such as the American Translators Association, and TRANSLEX International. What these associations do is ensure the quality of services by requiring translators of member companies to undertake training and certification programs. This practice will ultimately benefit consumers and the translation industry as a whole. Take the time to browse for different document translation companies. Doing this will help you make the best decision, especially if you need document translation services over the long term. Legal Translation Solutions provides high quality document translation services for all elements of litigation, from primary documentation to supporting materials. America's foremost law firms and leading corporations turn to Legal Translation Solutions for their professional translation services and translators.

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