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How To Make Money Online Virtually !!! Just >By...
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Published:  January 25, 2012

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Slide 1: ==== ==== For More Information On Making Money For You & Genetation To Come Click Here: ==== ==== If you want to know how to make money online, one of the best things you can do is to get people to share your product or message without you even asking them to. That is what happens when something goes "viral". There are a couple of powerful ways to improve your ability for your marketing messages or products to become viral. Number one is to just be totally awesome-make your product as good as you possibly can and as cool as you possibly can. The second is to make sure your message is so amazing that it really stands out and people will want to pass it on. Let me give you an example of something that is definitely viral that people pass on happily.  I recently bought an Amazon Kindle, and I'll tell you what...these things are frickin' awesome.  The Amazon Kindle is an amazing piece of technology. It's unlike anything I've seen in years as far as just how plain cool it is. I was recently at a meeting, and three other people started talking about how awesome the Kindle was before I even mentioned it. This, to use a term from Mark Joyner, is a buzz-worthy product. It is awesome to the point where people will spread the message about it because they think it is so cool. So point number one...make your product viral by simply making it absolutely, unquestionably awesome.  If it is THAT good, believe me...people will talk about it and pass it on to their friends. Another way to make money online is to tell really powerful, emotional, engaging stories...either in an email or a video. Think about it, how often do you get an email forwarded to you by a friend or a family member of a moving story?  It's usually a long email about a story of love...or overcoming a huge obstacle and a life transformation...or a story of an amazingly profound spiritual experience.  Have you ever noticed that when one of these shows up in your in-box, you get the same message from someone else two or three days later...and then get the same message from several different people two or three days after that? People keep forwarding it because it tells a story...because it was so emotionally impactful that they wanted to send it to their friends and family.  So you want to have a great that gives people goose bumps...that really makes them feel something. Combine that with a really impactful subject line, and then blend your offer or your marketing message into the story.
Slide 2: Storytelling is a skill that can be can take classes on storytelling in almost every major town and city in the world--either for free or very, very inexpensively. With a good story you will get testimonials about it, and people will feel compelled to pass the story and the testimonials on to their friends and family without you even having to ask them. I think you'll find more and more that as you do this and apply it to your marketing, and to your products...people will want to spread the word about how cool your stuff is. They will enjoy being a customer of yours simply because of how you make them feel. That's really how to make money online-having happy customers who spread the word for you! The ListBuilding Club is the premier source of list building information for home based internet marketing businesses. Join Tellman and the Overcome Everything team as they teach thousands of people about list building and how to make money online. To learn more about the ListBuilding Club, please visit Article Source: ==== ==== For More Information On Making Money For You & Genetation To Come Click Here: ==== ====

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