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Published:  May 02, 2010

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Slide 1: Twitter: How to Bring Your Recruiting to the Next Level Presented By: Geoff Peterson Managing Principal, General Lead Editor, StaffBytes November 5th, 2008
Slide 2: Contact Information Geoff Peterson (724)940-9471 – Direct
Slide 3: About the Speaker Geoff Peterson is the Managing Principal for General Lead ( and Editor for StaffBytes ( Geoff has eight years full life-cycle recruiting, Internet sourcing and research experience nationwide, having fulfilled successful engagements with small organizations and Fortune 500 companies alike. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table including Technical Recruiting, Executive Recruiting, Internet Sourcing, Name Generation, Competitive Intelligence, Internet Research, Job Search Strategy, and Recruitment Marketing.
Slide 4: About General Lead General Lead ( is a national provider of talent delivery, advanced sourcing solutions, and custom recruitment training. We provide resources for staff augmentation and direct hire positions, as well as sourcing specifically for active and passive talent in the marketplace through competitive intelligence research, name generation, resume mining, talent pooling and candidate marketing and screening. In addition, our team creates cutting-edge training for recruiters, sourcers and human capital professionals to reflect the fast changing recruitment landscape.
Slide 5: About StaffBytes StaffBytes ( is a blog specifically dedicated to the staffing industry. The goal of this site is to provide step-by-step sourcing techniques, instructional videos, site reviews, expert tips, demonstrations and more. Example posts include search engines, free and niche career sites, networking sites, search tools, groups, councils, video sites, name search sites, automated sourcing tools, podcasts, classifieds, associations, virtual reality sites, state employment sites and resume distributors.
Slide 6: My Goal Today…
Slide 7: My Goal Today… …Show You How To Use Twitter…
Slide 8: My Goal Today… …Show You How To Use Twitter… …To Source Active and Passive Talent
Slide 9: What is Twitter?
Slide 10: Twitter
Slide 11: Blogs vs. Microblogs
Slide 12: Blogs
Slide 13: Microblogs
Slide 14: Other Microblogs
Slide 15: FriendFeed
Slide 16: Jaiku
Slide 17: Pownce
Slide 18: Plurk

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