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Pearly Penile Papules Removal with Iodine 

Penile papules removal methods - Basically you paint the iodine on to the papules and allow it to dry into the skin. Visit:


Tags:  Penile papules removal methods  pearly penile papules removal  remove pearly penile papules at home 
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Published:  February 15, 2013

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Slide 1: Pearly penile papules removal with iodine Removal of PPP is the one thing that men suffering with the condition just can’t let go of. If you have pearly penile papules and you’re at a certain age, well penile papules removal methods kind of become all consuming, listen I know what I’m talking about here. Penile Papules Treatments There are a number of ways in which we can either remove penile papules or at least reduce their size and make them less apparent. Some of these methods work great for some and not so great for others, but on the whole they are both safe and cheap, which is more than can be said for aiming a laser at your penis… Just my opinion. Today we are going to talk about Iodine and how to use it for penile papules removal. There are a number of people who have successfully used iodine to get rid of their papules, and you too can do the same. Iodine is just one of the pearly penile papules home remedies that you can use, you will find most of them on our website which you can find at: As with all PPP remedies the use of iodine to remove papules may take time if it works. You will need to be patient, since it usually takes close to 3 weeks for you to see results. Again everyone is different, while 3 weeks is normal, it may take longer, you might see results much quicker or this pearly penile removal method might not work at all. Which Iodine should you use?
Slide 2: Ok, before we talk anymore about this particular penile papule removal method we think it’s important that we tell you which type to use. If you’re going to try Iodine as a way to get rid of penile papules you should use Lugol's iodine, this isn’t a brand and we are not trying to sell you anything here, this is just the best solution to use. Here’s a link so you can read more:'s_iodine Application Basically you paint the Lugol's iodine on to the papules and allow it to dry into the skin (area) naturally without covering. Be warned this will sting. The solution not only dries the papules out so they start to peel, but it also promotes cell rejuvenation. As we said the process is not something which can be achieved overnight, but it does work for many men. We hope you found this post useful and don’t forget to let us know if this or any other pearly penile papules removal method worked for you. For more information on how to get rid of pearly penile papules please come and take a look at our website:

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