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A New Spiritual Technique - Could We Change The World? 

Ever wonder what life is about? Having trouble finding direction and purpose? Or do you just need to get more motivated? There have been thousands of books, seminars and programs that have addressed these issues over the last 40 or more years. Yet it may well be that one key insight has been missing from all of them in one way or another. It is possible that this insight is where the real power lies behind all these techniques.


Tags:  Spiritual Healing  Spirituality  Self Improvement  Personal Growth  Self Help  Meditation 
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Published:  January 30, 2012

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A New Spiritual Technique - Could We Change The World?

A New Spiritual Technique - Could We Change The World?

From: andrewjames10
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Comments: 0

A New Spiritual Technique - Could We Change The World?

A New Spiritual Technique - Could We Change The World?

From: andrewjames10
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Slide 1: A New Spiritual Technique – Could We Change Our World?
Slide 2: "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." - Albert Einstein
Slide 3: Well anybody can look out at the world these days and see some that wild times are happening, with more on the way. We could have a very chaotic time in our near future.
Slide 4: And with the gigantic scale of events, many of us seem be crawling back into our turtle shells, trying to be safe from the melee storming outside the window. Others wail and protest, trying to wake up the sheep to our coming peril, like the proverbial Noah whilst building his ark.
Slide 5: The spiritual technique that switches things around.
Slide 6: So what SHOULD we do about it all?
Slide 7: What if the wildest part was, just like Dorthy and her ruby slippers, we already have inside of us an inherent spiritual technique that can change the basic situation, but we never realized it before?
Slide 8: Not to change the entire world immediately, but to shift perspectives, to let go of the methods and ways that we have been entrenched in, but were so ubiquitous, that it was like fish breathing water.
Slide 9: If we look around, even inside our own lives, haven't most of been trained to think in ways that don't serve us?
Slide 10: Aren't our habits rather ineffective?
Slide 11: And aren't most of us rather complacent, and try to make our lives as comfortable as possible?
Slide 12: And because of this, if we WERE to try to follow the dictate from old Einstein, wouldn't our efforts be more like simply flailing ourselves around?
Slide 13: The spiritual technique that inspires us.
Slide 14: Just sit back now, and imagine that you had a calling, a unique purpose that opened you up.
Slide 15: Imagine that that was possible for you, and that you had a way to connect to it.
Slide 16: That you had a way to KNOW what it was, and then you also had a way to know the best way to make it come alive in the world.
Slide 17: You might find that you have to take a moment now, to imagine this, but if you could, what would that feel like?
Slide 18: Do any spiritual techniques or practices from past centuries or current times make us feel this way?
Slide 19: Could anything be more motivational?
Slide 20: So now I must ask, for I want to get feedback from you, dear reader.
Slide 21: Do you think it would be great to discover that we are all hardwired to connect to a higher source of wisdom and guidance, but that we didn't know how to do it before?
Slide 22: Do you think that it is possible, and then could you see the ways you'd like your life to change?
Slide 23: To help answer these questions, and to read the rest of the story, go here.
Slide 24: If the "click here" link doesn't work, type the following url into your address bar:

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