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Killtest 642-263 Exam Dumps 

Killtest provides the latest actual questions for 642-263 test, which can help you pass the exam easily. Download the latest 642-263 exam dumps free now.


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Published:  January 31, 2012

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Slide 1: At Killtest, people can get all the required exam information of IT certification test for them to get certified easily. Killtest provides many pop certification, such as IBM, Oracle, HP, and so on. A lot of new exams are available at Killtest, such as HP2-B85, HP2-N26, NS0-156, and so on.
Slide 2: The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. Exam : 642-263 Title : Implementing the Cisco Unity Connection Version : Demo 1/5
Slide 3: The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. 1.Which two statements most accurately describe the objects and methods that can be processed by Cisco Unified Communications Manager BAT? (Choose two.) A. Contacts can have incoming fields overwritten by the appropriate contact template B. Users with and without voice mail are imported as is, with no changes C. Users with mailboxes can have incoming fields overwritten by the specified template D. Contacts are imported without any changes E. Users without mailboxes can have incoming fields overwritten by the specified template F. Imported system call handlers can have incoming fields overwritten by the selected call handler template Answer: B,D 2.Which digital network join method requires the administrator to exchange credentials between all digitally networked Cisco Unity Connection servers or server cluters.? A. Database replication B. SMTP replication C. Manual D. Automatic Answer: C 3.Which protocol is used to exchange information between VPIM networked voice-mail systems? A. SMTP B. SNMP C. SIP D. SCCP Answer: A 4.What is the maximum number of voice-mail subscribers that can be deployed in a Cisco Unity connection digitally networked solution? A. 10,000 B. 35,000 C. 75,000 D. 50,000 Answer: D 5.Which two key strokes or sequences are used to navigate in the Cisco Unity connection installation wizard? A. Ctrl-z B. Alt-tab C. Esc-tab D. Space Answer: D 6.Which item on the Phone System Integration page reduces the port requirements for voice mail? A. Use Same Port for Enabling and Disabling MWI's 2/5
Slide 4: The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. B. Send message counts C. Default TRAP Switch D. Force all MWI's off for this Phone System Answer: A 7.Which three items are used to generate RSA keys during installation? (Choose three.) A. Administrator username B. Organization C. Hostname D. Location E. State F. IP address Answer: B,D,E 8.Which three methods or protocols are used to provide integrated messaging services for voice-mail clients? (Choose three.) A. Web Services B. IMAP C. SMTP D. WebDAV E. SNMP F. SCCP Answer: A,B,D 9.Which main navigation section provides Cisco Unity connection with monitoring and troubleshooting services? A. Cisco Unity Connection Administration B. Disaster Recovery System C. Cisco Unified Serviceability D. Cisco Unity Connection serviceability Answer: D 10.Where is COBRAS intermediate data stored? A. Compressed file images B. Informix database C. Microsoft Access database D. CSV file Answer: C 11.Which statement best describes the difference between DRS and COBRAS? A. DRS can selectively restore individual voice-mail boxes, while COBRAS cannot restore them B. DRS maintains a public distribution list membership, while COBRAS does not maintain such a membership C. DRS restores are based strictly on a single instant of time, while COBRAS can merge objects from 3/5
Slide 5: The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. earlier backups D. DRS creates new subscribers or binds existing subscribers to existing Active Directory users, while COBRAS requires a full Active Directory User resync Answer: C 12.Which choice most accurately describes the licensing components for Cisco Unity Connection? A. Port listening for phone system integration, seat licensing for voice mail, integrated messaging services and VPIM licensing B. Port licensing for phone system integration C. End-user licensing based on the number of users for voice mail, IMAP access to voice mail, voice recognition, Cisco Unity Inbox and email TTS D. Port licensing and VPIM licensing Answer: A 13.Which two types of modifications can be made by the Cisco Unity Connection Bulk Edition utility? (Choose two.) A. Call handler settings based on search criteria B. Change web passwords for all users C. Groups of users based on search criteria D. Global settings for all users Answer: A,C 14.Which three actions are initiated by call handlers? (Choose three.) A. Retrieve voice calls B. Change greetings C. Take messages D. Answer calls E. Route calls F. Send voice mail Answer: C,D,E 15.Which two Cisco Unity Connection components use default schedules for processing incoming calls? (Choose two.) A. System call handler B. Interview handler C. Call routing rules Answer: A,C 16.Which URL is used to retrieve the COBRAS applications? A. www.cisco.com/go/ciscounitytools B. www.unitytools.com C. www.cisco.com/go/unity/tools D. www.ciscounitytools.com Answer: D 4/5
Slide 6: The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. 17.Which two of these items are Cisco Unity Connection Components assigned to partitions? (Choose two.) A. Call routing rules B. Users with mailboxes C. Phone System integrations D. System distribution lists Answer: B,D 18.Which main navigation section provides Cisco Unity connection with monitoring and troubleshooting services? A. Cisco Unified Serviceability B. Cisco Unity Connection Administration C. Disaster Recovery System D. Cisco Unity Connection serviceability Answer: D 19.Which product creates a script that can be used with a USB drive for hands-free installation? A. Answer File Generator B. Cisco Unified Communications Answer File Generator C. Cisco Unity Connection Answer file Generator D. Cisco Hands-Free Answer File Generator Answer: B 20.Which action most accurately describes the primary function of COBRAS? A. Migration to Cisco Unity connection B. Restoring individual user voice-mail messages C. Database object review D. Backup and restore Answer: A 5/5

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