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Naspa ssao twitter session 586 

Naspa ssao twitter session 586


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Published:  May 07, 2011

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Slide 1: SSAO's: Tweeting & Educating with Purpose ID-586 Monday, March 14 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM Grand Ballroom - (F) - Marriott Sponsored by: NASPA Technology Knowledge Community #NASPA586
Slide 2: M.L. "Cissy" Petty, @CissyPetty Loyola University New Orleans Join us for a conversation… Levester Johnson, @LevesterJohnson Butler University Gene Zdziarski, @DeanGene Roanoke College Danny Pugh, Sr. @RazorbackDean University of Arkansas Luoluo Hong, @UH_Hilo_VCSA University of Hawaii at Hilo Kenn Elmore, @DeanElmore Boston University Teri Bump, @TBump American Campus Communities
Slide 3: SSAO'S: TWEETING & EDUCATING WITH PURPOSE We are SSAO’s empowered to lead our divisions and although none of us would identify as a social media expert we are early adopters investing and engaged in utilizing these tools to maximize communication with our stakeholders. We invite you to tweet, share, question, and engage in this fast paced interactive session. Our collective purpose will be to share our thoughts on this communication tool and generate and cultivate new ideas and uses. Each of us has intentionally committed time, energy, and resources to explore and maximize the value of twitter in our communities. Come join the conversation & discover more about our experiences and share your advice, recommendations and ideas. #NASPA586
Slide 4: 05/07/11 4
Slide 5: 05/07/11 5
Slide 6: 05/07/11 6
Slide 7: 05/07/11 7
Slide 8: 05/07/11 8
Slide 9: 9
Slide 10: 05/07/11 10
Slide 11: M.L. "Cissy" Petty, PhD @cissypetty Loyola University New Orleans Vice President for Student Affairs & Associate Provost Levester Johnson, Ed. D @LevesterJohnson Butler University Vice President for Student Affairs Gene Zdziarski, PhD @DeanGene Roanoke College Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students Daniel J. Pugh Sr., PhD @RazorbackDean, University of Arkansas Vice Provost for Student Affairs/Dean of Students Luoluo Hong, PhD, MHP @UH_Hilo_VCSA, University of Hawaii at Hilo Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Kenn Elmore, JD @DeanElmore, Boston University Dean of Students Teri Bump, MEd @tbump American Campus Communities Vice President, University Relations & Student Development
Slide 12: Very Special Thanks to the NASPA Technology Knowledge Community #NASPA586

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