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Latest 190-821 Exam Dumps 

Actual Exampdf 190-821 exam questions are available for the examinees to prepare the exam well and get the certification with no time.


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Published:  March 23, 2012

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Slide 1: Many new exams are available at, such as 1Z0-102, CAS-001, ST0-147, and so on. With Exampdf real Q&As of any IT certification exam, all the examinees can clear the exams easily. Take charge of your time now.
Slide 2: The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. Exam : 190-821 Title : Impl+Admin IBM Workplace Collaboration Services 2.5:Messaging Version : DEMO 1/3
Slide 3: The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. 1.In IBM Workplace Messaging, suspending a mail account involves which one of the following actions? A.Deleting the person from the LDAP directory B.Manually restricting access for the person in the mail file C.Moving the user to a user policy in which mail access is disabled D.Adding the person's name to the WebSphere Member Manager lookaside database Correct:C 2.Karl, the IBM Workplace Messaging administrator, has noticed that the server is accepting numerous commands on anonymous connections, slowing the receipt of SMTP inbound mail. Which one of the following settings may he modify to reduce these commands from being received by the server? A.Maximum recipients B.Maximum inbound message size C.Allow the sending of delivery confirmations D.Maximum meaningless commands before termination Correct:D 3.The queue directory is accessed by all SMTP Services in the IBM Workplace Messaging cell for which one of the following purposes? A.The queue directory is used by the message queue to store messages before they are delivered. B.The queue directory is used by the WebSphere Member Manager to find recipients in the local domain. C.The queue directory is used by the mail services task to validate anonymous and suspect connections. D.The queue directory is used by the virtual queue to store messages that cannot be delivered to remote hosts. Correct:A 4.Which one of the following policy methods offers greater flexibility in assigning users to policies in IBM Workplace? A.Person policy B.MailUser policy C.DN scope matching D.WebSphere Member Manager Correct:D 5.For messages that originate from outside the mail cell, delivery confirmations are sent by default to which one of the following connections? A.Trusted, and suspect connections B.Authenticated, and trusted connections C.Authenticated, suspect, and anonymous connections D.Authenticated, trusted, and anonymous connections Correct:B 6.Mail cell routing information is registered where in IBM Workplace Messaging? A.Lotus Workplace>Messaging>Directory Settings for Messaging B.Lotus Workplace>Messaging>Mail cells>Mail cell routing C.Lotus Workplace>Directories>Directory Settings for Messaging D.Lotus Workplace>Directories>Messaging Settings>Mail cell routing Correct:C 2/3
Slide 4: The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. 7.The "maximum number of received headers" setting controls which one of the following options? A.This setting specifies the maximum number of inbound sessions allowed to the server. B.This setting specifies the maximum number of recipients allowed on an inbound mail message. C.This setting specifies how much information should be displayed in the received header when viewing the message. D.This setting specifies the maximum number of received headers allowed before the message is considered looping and sent to the dead letter queue. Correct:D 8.In a Network Deployment, you run the IBM Workplace installation program on every server in the deployment except for which one of the following? A.The database server and LDAP server B.The LDAP server and the remote HTTP server C.The remote HTTP server and WebSphere Portal Server D.The WebSphere Portal Server and WebSphere Application Server Correct:B 9.When configuring the SMTP Inbound Service, which one of the following settings takes precedence? A.Cell level settings B.Server level settings C.Administrator level settings D.Virtual queue level settings Correct:B 10.To set the postmaster and dead letter addresses for IBM Workplace Messaging, where must the administrator navigate to in the WebSphere Administrative Console? A.Lotus Workplace>Cell Settings>Mail Properties B.Lotus Workplace Messaging>Mail Services>Properties C.Lotus Workplace>Mail Cell-Wide Settings>General Properties D.Lotus Workplace Messaging>Cell Services>Administrative email Correct:C 3/3

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