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papa johns specials 

Verify out the Papa Johns specials online, get Papa John’s offers or use Papa John’s promo codes which are free of charge printable to acquire essentially the most discounts and delicious meal deals and save money


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Published:  December 06, 2010

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Thanks for sharing
Slide 1: Papa Johns Specials John Schnattter had already some experience in the pizza business, while attending school he did delivery’s for Greek’s Pizzeria. After school John started working for his father who was a partner in Mick’s Lounge and later he bought out his father’s business partner. • From that time John and his father started serving their thin crust pizzas. • Papa Johns Pizza had a simple menu with good quality low priced pizzas. • Instead of focusing on a large menu Papa John focused on quality. The menu had only a few side dishes, but became larger over the years. • Papa Johns Pizza was the first pizza chain in the United States with an online ordering system. CLICK HERE FOR DISCOUNT ON PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA

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