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If you are like many, you’ve tightened your budget over the last couple of years and don’t have the funds to spend a large amount on Valentine’s Day celebrations.


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Published:  February 16, 2010

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Slide 1: Five Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on the Cheap If you are like many, you’ve tightened your budget over the last couple of years and don’t have the funds to spend a large amount on Valentine’s Day celebrations. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a memorable and romantic February 14th. Instead of worrying about what you can’t afford this year, there are plenty of ways to show you care that are free or inexpensive. These five ideas that say “I love you” will help you make the most of the special day. Cook a Special Meal Eating dinner out on Valentine’s Day can be not only expensive, but irritatingly chaotic. Romantic restaurants can be bustling with like-minded couples wanting to wine and dine. Instead, whip up something in your own kitchen. For less than half of the price of a nice meal out, you can create a wonderful meal chez vous. Build the romance by cooking together, opening a nice bottle of wine, and bringing out the good china and crystal. Don’t forget the candles and flowers. Not sure what to cook, head to for a multitude of recipes from some of TV’s most famous chefs. Write a Poem or Song You don’t have to have a way with the words equivalent to Lord Byron to express in writing your love for someone. Rather, it’s all about communicating your feelings, thoughts, and hopes for the future. Be expressive with a sonnet, haiku, or even a song if you’re musically inclined. The only necessity is that it is created by you and comes from your heart. Need help putting your thoughts down on paper? Go to to take advantage of a variety of poetry writing resources such as a rhyming tool and examples of poetry techniques. Call Your Loved Ones Instead of Sending Cards Valentine cards are thoughtful, but they’re not very eco-friendly, and they can be downright expensive. Wouldn’t be nicer anyway to reconnect with your loved ones near and far with a phone call? No, it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can call free from your computer. Take advantage of MediaRing Talk’s free call service, and you can call anyone and everyone you love in 8 countries. No, they don’t even need to have a computer. As long as
Slide 2: you’re calling from your PC, you can ring them on their landline or mobile phone. Go to to start PC to Phone dialing. Make Some Music Instead of buying tickets to an expensive concert, burn a CD of romantic tunes for your special someone. If you’ve downloaded music off of the Internet or copied CDs onto your PC, you can easily make a compilation CD for play in their car or home stereo. Start by opening Windows Media Player and download the CD Burner free software to create your customized audio CD. Take a Walk What is simpler or more romantic than taking a long walk hand-in-hand? It’s free, readily available, and the perfect way to celebrate the day. Whether you choose to stroll along the beach, hike a forest trail, or window shop on a busy city street, a leisurely walk can be a perfect opportunity to get some exercise and reconnect with the one you love. For more information checkout here,

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