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Prepking JN0-100 Dumps 

JN0-100 ,JN0-100 exam,JN0-100 exam questions,JN0-100 dumps


Tags:  JN0-100  JN0-100 exam  JN0-100 exam questions  JN0-100 dumps 
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Published:  November 04, 2011

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Slide 1:       Exam Title : Juniper Networks JN0-100 : Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate (JNCIA-JUNOS) Version : R6.1     
Slide 2:       Prepking - King of Computer Certification Important Information, Please Read Carefully Other Prepking products A) Offline Testing engine Use the offline Testing engine product to practice the questions in an exam environment. B) Study Guide (not available for all exams) Build a foundation of knowledge which will be useful also after passing the exam. Latest Version We are constantly reviewing our products. New material is added and old material is updated. Free updates are available for 90 days after the purchase. You should check your member zone at Prepking and update 3-4 days before the scheduled exam date. Here is the procedure to get the latest version: 1.Go 2.Click on Member zone/Log in (right side) 3. Then click My Account 4.The latest versions of all purchased products are downloadable from here. Just click the links. For most updates,it is enough just to print the new questions at the end of the new version, not the whole document. Feedback If you spot a possible improvement then please let us know. We always interested in improving product quality. Feedback should be send to You should include the following: Exam number, version, page number, question number, and your login ID. Our experts will answer your mail promptly. Copyright Each PDF file contains a unique serial number associated with your particular name and contact information for security purposes. So if we find out that a particular PDF file is being distributed by you, Prepking reserves the right to take legal action against you according to the International Copyright Laws. Explanations This product does not include explanations at the moment. If you are interested in providing explanations for this exam, please contact     
Slide 3:       1. Which major J-Web menu should you use to upgrade the JUNOS software on the router? A. Monitor B. Maintain C. Diagnose D. Configuration Answer: B 2. How many IP addresses can be configured in a given interface? A. one primary and one secondary IP address B. one IP address C. as many IP addresses as you want D. one primary and multiple secondary IP addresses Answer: C 3. On a Juniper router, what is the default file used for syslog messages? A. system B. errors C. security D. messages Answer: D 4. Which command is a valid way to view the status of an interface? A. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 extensive B. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 status C. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 health-info D. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 verbose Answer: A 5. Which statement is correct about the validate option when upgrading JUNOS software? A. It will check the MD5 checksum of the install package.     
Slide 4:       B. It will check if the device meets the memory requirements for the install package. C. It will check the compatibility of the configuration with the install package. D. It will check if the device meets the storage requirement for the install package. Answer: C 6. Which three statements are true of dynamic routing protocols? (Choose three.) A. They are scalable. B. They are Dijkstra based. C. They share network layer reachability information among neighbors. D. They automate next hop decisions.. E. They are tolerant of configuration errors. Answer: ACD 7. Click the Exhibit button. The routing policy shown in the exhibit has been applied as an export policy under protocols OSPF. The static route for destination is not being advertised as it was expected. [edit policy-options policy-statement accept-10] lab@London# show term 1 { from protocol static; then reject; } term 2 { from { protocol static; route-filter exact; } then accept; } How can the configuration be corrected to allow the route to be advertised?     
Slide 5:       A. rename term 2 to term 1 B. rename term 1 to term 3 C. insert term 1 after term 2 Answer: C 8. What represents the decimal equivalence of 11000000 10101000 10101100 11110001? A. B. C. D. Answer: B 9. On a Juniper Router, where is the JUNOS software located? A. EPROM B. Zip drive C. hard drive D. compact flash Answer: D 10. Which two statements regarding JUNOS architecture are correct? (Choose two.) A. The Routing Engine handles all exception traffic. B. The Routing Engine synchronizes the route table with C. The Routing Engine is hot-pluggable. D. The Routing Engine controls the PFE. Answer: CD the PFE. 11. What is the interface connecting the routing engine to the packet forwarding engine called? A. Loopback 0 B. management C. internal (fxp1)     
Slide 6:       D. control interface Answer: C 12. For which two functions is the Routing Engine responsible? (Choose two.) A. packet forwarding B. queuing functions C. routing protocol control D. JUNOS software operation Answer: CD 13. If the PFE does not have a route to the destination address of a packet, which action will be taken? A. The PFE floods the packet out of all interfaces. B. The PFE drops the packet and sends a destination unreachable notification back to source device. C. The PFE forwards the packet to the routing engine for further processing. D. The PFE queues the packet and sends a request for a layer 3 lookup to the routing engine. Answer: B 14. Which statement is true about the internal link between the Routing Engine and the Packet-Forwarding Engine? A. It is only used for exception traffic. B. It is an FE link called fxp2. C. It is rate-limited to avoid DDOS attacks. D. It is only used to send the forwarding-table from the Routing Engine to the Packet-Forwarding Engine. Answer: C 15. When a non-root user connects to a JUNOS platform and enters a username and password, the user is immediately placed at which level? A. UNIX shell B. user level CLI C. configuration mode     
Slide 7:       D. operational mode Answer: D 16. In which mode are users allowed to configure the device, including interfaces, protocols, user access, and system hardware properties? A. priviledged mode B. configuration mode C. monitoring mode D. operational mode Answer: B 17. The auto-complete feature in the JUNOS CLI is triggered by which method? A. space bar for both command and variable completion B. space bar for command completion; tab key for variable completion C. space bar for variable completion; tab key for command completion D. tab key for variable and command completion; space bar for command completion Answer: D 18. What information does the help topic command provide? A. router's version and serial number to help open a case with JTAC B. software documentation describing features and configuration tasks within JUNOS C. a brief description of commands and their default values D. a verification of the current configuration on the router Answer: B 19. You are at the system level. Which two would allow you to see the protocol's level candidate configuration? (Choose two.) A. exit configuration-mode <enter> show protocols B. exit configuration-mode <enter>     
Slide 8:       show configuration protocols C. top <enter> show protocols D. top show protocols Answer: CD 20. You are the top of the hierarchy in configuration mode. How would you save your configuration to a file on the router? A. save configuration <filename> B. save config <filename> C. save <filename> D. save run <filename> Answer: C 21. You enter configuration mode with the configure command. You need to abort the changes that you have made and start again with a fresh copy of the active configuration. Which command should you use? A. rollback 0 B. load active C. reset config D. clear candidate config Answer: A 22. You have just issued the command commit confirmed and your network continues to be operational with no further changes required. You issue a commit and-quit. A short time later, users start complaining about network problems. Which commands (in order) need to be entered to resolve this issue? A. >commit confirmed B. >configure #rollback 1     
Slide 9:       #commit C. >configure #commit confirmed and-quit D. >configure Answer: B 23. Which method loads the configuration which was active before your last commit? A. load replace last-active B. load rollback 1 C. rollback 1 D. rollback last-active Answer: C 24. Which command would allow you to compare two files stored on your router? A. user@host> file show filename1 compare filename2 B. user@host> file compare files filename1 filename2 C. user@host> compare files filename1 filename 2 D. user@host> compare filename1 filename2 Answer: B 25. Which services must be enabled on a router to access JWEB? A. web-management{ http; B. remote-access profile{ http; C. remote-access profile{ web-gui; D. web-management{ web-gui; Answer: A     
Slide 10:       26. How can you reset your router or switch to factory defaults? A. reset configuration B. load factory-default C. load override default D. set default configuration Answer: B 27. After factory-defaults have been loaded, which two syslog files will be present in the configuration? A. system and chassisd B. syslog-messages and NVRAM C. messages and interactive-commands D. authorization and events Answer: C 28. Which three steps are considered part of the initial configuration? (Choose three.) A. SNMP B. hostname C. root password D. user password E. management access interface Answer: BCE 29. What are two valid initial configuration methods supported on Juniper routers? (Choose two) A. CLI B. J-Web C. JUNOScope D. PCMCIA flash card Answer: AB     
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