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Choosing the Proper Slit Lamps for Client Comfort and Excellent Results  

Contact Bayou Ophthalmic for local slit lamp advice - we're not tied to any one slit lamp manufacturer so you'll get an honest assessment of what will truly suit your needs best. We only represent manufacturers of slit lamps with long lifetimes and cutting-edge technology to help you help your patients with the latest techniques. To learn more about Slit Lamps visit:


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Published:  May 15, 2011

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Slide 1: Choosing the Proper Slit Lamps for Client Comfort and Excellent Results Choosing from the wide array of available slit lamps on the market can leave your mind spinning. While this critical piece of equipment would appear to be a straight forward choice, once you start seeing all the different features and options you suddenly have more questions than answers. How can you make the right choice to provide patient comfort, fast working conditions for you, and stay within a reasonable budget? Your Choice Begins with Defining Your Needs What choice of slit lamps makes sense for your practice? For a veterinarian a free standing slit lamp is impractical. The idea of keeping an animal stationary is pure fiction. Vets prefer to have a hand-help slit lamp, similar to the Heine HSL 150. These are not only ideal for veterinarians but are a great addition for an Ophthalmologist’s office, too. It provides for fast convenient use in situations where you cannot seat the patient in your traditional chair. A more traditional choice of slit lamps would be the Haag-Streit 900BQ. It can give you both still photographs and video simultaneously. It is an ideal solution for an examination room with cutting edge technology and optics. Should You Consider Pre-Owned Equipment for Your Practice? If you are trying to keep your cash outlay to a minimum it is tempting to purchase pre-owned slit lamps, especially for an extra examination room. Before choosing pre-owned you need to consider a few questions:     Does the pre-owned equipment have a warranty? Is the equipment guaranteed to be in perfect working condition? Are you sacrificing the latest technology for saving a few dollars? Who will service your pre-owned slit lamps if they have problems? The answers to these questions vary greatly between Ophthalmic Equipment Dealers. When you choose a high quality dealer they often provide a warranty, guarantee the equipment, only provide high quality equipment, and service what they sell. Be careful who you partner with when considering preowned slit lamps or you may end up having higher expenses than buying new. How Important is Service To Your Practice? This comes right back to the issue of who you partner with when buying your equipment. When you partner with a company who has been in the business for years they understand the importance of matching a comfortable chair, the proper
Slide 2: slit lamps, and other equipment in your examination room. They understand your practice is not based upon one piece of equipment, but a wide range of equipment working seamlessly together to provide you the optimal work area and the highest level patient satisfaction. Any item which is overlooked or improperly installed can cause long-term problems for you. You should only partner with providers which can provide on-site service and have a staff of trained service technicians. The number one comfort feature to any patient is prompt service, a skilled ophthalmologist, and equipment which work flawlessly. Your choice of the right brand of slit lamps is important, but your choice of equipment providers may be even more important.

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