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Published:  June 29, 2011

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Slide 1: ••••••>Divorce In Connecticut 'Uncontested divorce' is a very interesting and peaceful type of jurisdiction. It is the type of divorce where two people have lived in separate homes for more than a year and both parties agree on the division of their assets, payment of alimony and child support, custody of children and other physical possessions. An uncontested divorce in Connecticut depends on various factors. Either of the spouses must have lived in Connecticut for at least a year. In a domicile case, either spouse must have returned with the intention of making the state their permanent residence before filing for divorce. Either spouse must be a resident for at least twelve months before the final divorce judgment is made. The divorce takes place in the Connecticut Superior Court. Each district has a Superior court. In Connecticut, the grounds for divorce are No-fault and Fault. No-fault grounds include (1) irretrievable breakdown of the marriage and (2) incompatibility and voluntary separation with no prospect of reconciliation. The Fault grounds include (1) adultery (2) life imprisonment (3) confinement of incurable insanity for a total of 5 years (4) willful desertion and nonsupport for one year (5) seven year absence (6) cruel and inhuman treatment (7) fraud (8) habitual drunkenness (9) commission or conviction of a crime involving a violation of conjugal duty and imprisonment for one year. The term 'legal separation' means that a couple is separated from each other but neither one of them is free to remarry. There is a provision for legal separation ct. All the procedures that apply to divorce must be applied to obtain one. Connecticut also permits a summary divorce. This is when both spouses agree that their marriage is irretrievably broken and they submit an agreement concerning the care, custody, visitation, maintenance, support and education of their children and also concerning alimony and disposition of property. A 90-day "cooling period" is given before the divorce is finalized. During this period, the couple is allowed to continue to negotiate with each other. If they reach an agreement, the divorce is uncontested. The couple will then receive a judgment of dissolution of marriage. They then have to negotiate a separation agreement regarding the terms and condition of asset and liability division, spousal and child support. This agreement is a part of the record and it is a court order.
Slide 2: A divorce is considered limited contested when only financial and property issues are in dispute and contested when visitation or custody is in dispute. In these cases, couples have to attend a case management conference and a judge enters case management and schedule orders.

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