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Save the Date 

Save the Date


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Published:  June 29, 2012

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Slide 1: Conference 2009 | Revolutionising financial reporting Save the Date Sydney > 26-27 May 2009 > Melbourne > 29 May 2009 > Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is revolutionising business-togovernment reporting around the globe. When launched in July 2010, SBR will not only reduce the costs of reporting financial information to government, it will also help the business community to improve the quality of both internal and external reporting. Reporting effected includes, annual financial reports, business activity statements, tax returns, and payroll tax. Led by the Treasury, the government agencies involved are the Australian Taxation Office, Australian Securities and Investment Commission, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, and the state and territory revenue offices. The SBR Conference brings together national and international experts who will demonstrate what Australian business can expect from SBR, explore and discuss global financial reporting trends including open standards such as XBRL, what SBR means to business, accountants and software developers, and ultimately help you to discover what you need to do to implement SBR. Speakers at a glance: n n n n Ken Henry, Secretary to the Treasury Paul Madden, SBR Program Director Mike Willis, Chair, XBRL International Harm Jan van Burg, Programme Director, Netherlands SBR Project, Ministry of Finance & Ministry of Justice Respected chief and senior financial reporting officials from selected US companies Representatives from leading accounting firms, intermediaries and software developers in Australia, the Netherlands, the UK and the US n n Who should attend: This conference is a must for those with a significant role in reporting financial information to government, including: n Chief Financial Officers and Chief Operating Officers Accountants, tax agents, pay-roll specialists, bookkeepers financial service providers n n reporting responsibilities in the banking industry, funds management, superannuation and insurance providers accounting and financial software developers component and integration developers government officials seeking to reduce financial reporting cost n n n n

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