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Published:  November 13, 2011

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Slide 1:       HP HP0-X02 Designing & Implementing HP Enterprise Backup Solutions 109 Q&A Version : H9.0                                                                                
Slide 2:       CertifyMe - King of Computer Certification Important Information, Please Read Carefully Other CertifyMe products A) Offline Testing engine Use the offline Testing engine product to practice the questions in an exam environment. B) Study Guide (not available for all exams) Build a foundation of knowledge which will be useful also after passing the exam. Latest Version We are constantly reviewing our products. New material is added and old material is updated. Free updates are available for 90 days after the purchase. You should check your member zone at CertifyMe and update 3-4 days before the scheduled exam date. Here is the procedure to get the latest version: 1.Go 2.Click on Member zone/Log in (right side) 3. Then click My Account 4.The latest versions of all purchased products are downloadable from here. Just click the links. For most updates,it is enough just to print the new questions at the end of the new version, not the whole document. Feedback If you spot a possible improvement then please let us know. We always interested in improving product quality. Feedback should be send to You should include the following: Exam number, version, page number, question number, and your login ID. Our experts will answer your mail promptly. Copyright Each PDF file contains a unique serial number associated with your particular name and contact information for security purposes. So if we find out that a particular PDF file is being distributed by you, CertifyMe reserves the right to take legal action against you according to the International Copyright Laws. Explanations This product does not include explanations at the moment. If you are interested in providing explanations for this exam, please contact                                                                                
Slide 3:       1. For disaster recovery, many customers require that data be replicated to remote sites. What is an advantage in terms of backup operations? A. There is no need to transport tapes between sites. B. The production site only needs to perform a point-in-time copy. C. Data corruption from the primary site cannot be replicated to the secondary site. D. Backup jobs can be run at the secondary site on the replicated data to avoid overhead on the production server. Answer: D 2. In addition to drivers and the backup application, which software component is crucial for bringing a multiserver solution together in an EBS? A. open file software B. client agent software C. device sharing software D. database agent software Answer: C 3. Which advantages does a tape library offer over a standalone tape drive? (Select three.) A. increased capacity B. increased automation C. decreased LAN utilization D. increased device reliability E. increased remote device management capabilities Answer: ABE 4. How does the HP StorageWorks Enterprise Backup Solution provide increased stability, adaptability, performance, seamless and faster integration? A. by using existing LAN topologies with network-attached storage devices (NAS) B. through high-speed, single-server communication to tape devices using direct-attached SCSI C. by exclusively using HP hardware and software components which were extensively tested and supported D. through centralized backup of multiple servers, at local backup speeds, over a Fibre Channel storage network to tape libraries Answer: D 5. A server attached to SAN Switch 16 is unable to discover a tape library. What is a possible cause? A. The Fibre Channel SAN Switch has an incorrect IP configuration. B. One of the SCSI connections on the MDR does not have a terminator. C. The cfglibrary command was not typed at the AMC prompt of the MDR.                                                                                
Slide 4:       D. The type of SCSI module in the MDR (HVD/LVD) does not match the tape library SCSI interface. Answer: D 6. Which tool can receive SNMP traps and events from a Command View server (or tape library) and can launch Command View from the context of a trap? A. HP Storage Essentials B. HP Library & Tape Tools C. HP Systems Insight Manager D. HP OpenView Storage Media Operations Answer: C 7. What is the appropriate tool to gather further information when a robotics failure occurs? A. Library Exerciser B. Element Status Test C. Library Troubleshooting Flowchart D. Library POST (Power on self test) Answer: A 8. When experiencing a problem with a storage product, why does HP recommend generating a support ticket with HP Library and Tape Tools (L&TT) rather than performing only a device analysis test? A. The resulting data is presented in a more useful format. B. The device analysis test does not report media problems. C. L&TT connects to the HP support site to search for a solution. D. HP Support is automatically informed about the problem symptoms. Answer: A 9. Using the EBS troubleshooting flowcharts, what should you do first when a tape drive or library is not seen from the management tool of the Fibre Channel-to-SCSI bridge? A. Check the SCSI cable connections. B. Verify the presence of the HBA in device manager. C. Restore the router to the factory-default configuration. D. Check if the Fibre Channel port speed is set correctly. Answer: A 10. You are designing a LAN backup solution for a customer who wants to back up AVI video files. What should be considered to achieve maximum backup performance? A. Disable push agents. B. Turn off tape drive compression. C. Turn on client agent compression. D. Set the tape drive to small block sizes.                                                                                
Slide 5:       Answer: B 11. What is a best practice when configuring enterprise class tape libraries? A. Assign LUNs in descending order. B. Assign the robot a SCSI ID lower than the SCSI IDs of the tape drives. C. Assign SCSI IDs of the tape drives in descending order with physical location. D. If multiple libraries are attached to the NSR, assign LUNs to the robot and associated drives of the highest SCSI bus first, then assign LUNs to the robot and associated drives of the next highest SCSI bus, and so forth. Answer: B 12. The load port slots in an EML E-Series Tape Library are configured as import/export slots. To change them to storage slots, what must you consider? A. The slots can only be used for cleaning cartridges. B. The slots must have fixed numbers between 0 and 8. C. The slots will not be counted in the numbering of storage slots. D. The slot numbering of any lower modules will be changed with the next inventory. Answer: D 13. Which tools are recommended to measure the data rate from a disk subsystem? (Select three.) A. RAIDPerf B. HPWriteData C. HPReadData D. Array Configuration Analyzer E. Performance Assessment Tool F. HP Library &Tape Tools System Performance Backup Pre-Test Answer: CEF 14. What is a useful feature of HP OpenView Media Operations? A. Administration can be performed through CommandView TL. B. It automatically moves expired media to the mail slot for removal. C. It can predict the amount of media needed per day in a backup device. D. It allows communication between the Integration Agent and the Data Protector cell manager across firewalls. Answer: C 15. Which statements are true for using clones instead of snapshots for split-mirror backup? (Select two.) A. Fault tolerance is good. B. Data is lost if disks are lost. C. A smaller amount of disk storage for data is required.                                                                                
Slide 6:       D. No performance impact on original disks occurs during backups. Answer: AD 16. The administrator is unable to verify who has an open session with Command View ESL and must access the library to update the firmware. Which actions should the administrator take to upgrade the firmware? (Select two). A. Run the CLI with telnet. B. Power cycle the library. C. Run the CLI with a serial cable. D. Power cycle the backup server. Answer: AC 17. Which steps should the administrator perform after installing Command View ESL? (Select two). A. Configure host access to the library. B. Configure SCSI IDs for each tape drive. C. Configure encryption settings for the library. D. Configure identification properties for each library. E. Configure compression settings for each tape drive. Answer: AD 18. How are ESL E-Series components connected to each other? A. Ethernet B. switched fabric C. Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop D. Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) serial network Answer: D 19. How can using multiple volumes on primary storage help backup performance? A. by minimizing the use of the tape drives B. by allowing multiple streams to same tape C. by minimizing the use of the backup server D. by allowing simultaneous use of the volumes by applications and the backup software Answer: B 20. A Network Storage Router (NSR) is often attached to a tape library. What is the main purpose of an NSR? A. to present the library to different subnets B. to enable zoning for different backup domains C. to present the library as a NAS device to the local area network D. to convert between parallel and serial, electrical and optical, SCSI and Fibre Channel                                                                                
Slide 7:       Answer: D 21. While designing an Enterprise Backup Solution, where would you position an EML E-Series Tape Library? A. for capacities up to 60 cartridges B. where future capacity requirements extend to 500 cartridges C. where future capacity requirements extend to 180 cartridges D. where future capacity requirements extend beyond 500 cartridges Answer: B 22. You want to implement an HP StorageWorks Two-Stage Mezzanine backup solution. Which RAID array is typically used and supported by EBS? A. EVA4000 B. EVA6000 C. MSA1500 D. MSA1000 Answer: C 23. Which Network Storage Router allows a customer to buy additional Fibre Channel or SCSI modules as needed? A. N1200 B. M2402 C. e1200-160 D. e2400-FC 2G Answer: B 24. A customer is using an MSL6060 Tape Library with four tape drives. The library is directly attached to a server with SCSI HBAs. The library currently has no cards in the cPCI slots. The customer wants to share the tape library in a SAN environment. Which hardware changes to the library are needed, assuming that all other components in the SAN already exist? (Select two.) A. The customer should connect a Fibre cable from the existing Library Controller board into a Fibre Channel switch. B. The customer should add a Network Storage Router M2402 to the SAN and connect the tape drives to the router. C. The customer should remove the existing Library Controller board and replace it with a Fibre Channel Library Controller board. D. The customer should add one e2400-160 Interface Controller into a cPCI slot and connect the tape drives to the Interface Controller. E. The customer should add two e1200-160 Interface Controllers to the cPCI slots and connect the tape                                                                                
Slide 8:       drives to the Interface Controllers. Answer: BE 25. A company has two Windows 2000 hosts, each has one FCA. One host is connected to port 6 of a SAN switch, and the other is connected to port 5. One NSR is connected to port 3. The customer purchases and installs an NSR connecting it to port 2 of the same SAN switch. Both Windows 2000 systems are rebooted and the backups fail that evening. Why did this happen? A. Windows 2000 discovered tape devices based on Worldwide IDs. B. Windows 2000 discovered tape devices based on the type of tape library. C. Windows 2000 discovered tape devices based on switch domain then by port number. D. Windows 2000 discovered tape devices based on Arbitrated Loop physical address then by Worldwide ID. Answer: C 26. What are reasons to use the Enterprise Backup Solution? (Select three.) A. dynamic access to archived data B. centralization of data management C. rapid growth of data in a data center environment D. share a tape library only in Linux, Novell, HP-UX, and Tru64 UNIX E. integration of supported data protection software and industry-standard hardware Answer: BCE 27. Your customer has a shrinking backup window and requires improved data availability. Why would you recommend HP Two-Stage Mezzanine backup? A. It reduces backup time by using synthetic full backups. B. It provides faster tape archiving using large cache buffers. C. It provides faster single file restore using low-cost disk storage. D. An image backup is converted by the library in a second stage to provide faster access to single files. Answer: C 28. What is an advantage of Extended Tape Library Architecture (ETLA) for a customer with a SAN environment? A. It enables automatic failover of tape libraries. B. It simplifies setup and configuration of tape libraries. C. It allows grouping of physical libraries to form one virtual tape library. D. It provides a higher throughput from disk to tape, using multiple Fibre Channel interfaces in parallel. Answer: B 29. Which library would you choose for a customer who has a small EVA data center with growing amounts of data?                                                                                
Slide 9:       A. EML71e B. ESL9322 C. MSL6060 D. ESL E-Series Answer: A 30. A customer with four ProLiant servers with Windows 2000 maintains a large Oracle database. The customer has not selected a backup method and must determine which solution would best meet the company's needs. What information can the HP StorageWorks Backup Sizing Tool provide? (Select three.) A. EBS software required B. backup window required C. number of NSRs required D. type of tape drive required E. number of disk drives required F. number of tape drives required Answer: CDF 31. EBS can be set up to support clustering with or without application failover. What is the advantage of application failover? A. Streaming to the tape drive continues without interruption in case of failover. B. A backup job can be started or will resume using checkpoint restart after the failover occurs. C. The backup job will occur on the next scheduled backup policy or through manual intervention. D. An independent backup server exists on each node of the cluster taking over the backup jobs from the failed node. Answer: B 32. Which software must be installed on the management station to communicate with the Interface Manager card of an EML E-Series Tape Library using ETLA? A. CommandView TL B. CommandView EML C. HP Library & Tape Tools D. Storage Media Operations Answer: A 33. Click the Exhibit button. With the log disk unaffected by a point in time disk failure, what is required to fully recover the database?                                                                                
Slide 10:       A. Full Data Backup B. Full Data Backup + LogA-3 C. Transaction Log Backup + LogB-2 D. Full Data Backup + Transaction Log Backup + LogB-2 + LogA-3 Answer: D 34. In the Helical Scan recording technology, the read and write heads are attached to a rotating drum which is tilted at an angle to the tape. What is a result of this approach? A. Data is recorded in diagonal stripes to achieve a high capacity at relatively slow tape movement. B. The tape is divided into parallel, horizontal tracks and data is recorded by moving the tape at high speeds past the heads. C. There is no need to write servo tracks because pre-formatted servo tracks can be used and applied during production of the tape. D. The drive writes along one set of tracks from the beginning of the tape until the end of the tape in a serpentine recording pattern. Answer: A 35. Which two database resources must be backed up to enable a complete restore of the data? (Select two.) A. logs B. data C. binary D. control Answer: AB 36. A company performs incremental backups Monday through Friday, and on Saturday they run a full backup. There are five Saturdays in 1 month. Each backup can be accomplished with one tape. The                                                                                
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