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Phil Ama Oct 2008 


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Published:  December 12, 2009

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Slide 1: Beyond Blogs: Succeeding in a Conversational Marketing World Lois KellyBeeline Labs Philadelphia American Marketing Association October 15, 2008
Slide 3: The 2.0 avalanche: the stats tell the story 64% of consumers 78% consumer trust the reported wanting to see advice of other user ratings & reviews. consumers. Forrester, 2008 Nielsen “Trust in Advertising Study” 2007 60% of Americans regularly interact with companies on a social media site. 2008 Cone Business in Social Media Study 75% journalists get story ideas from blogs. Brodeur/Marketwire study, Jan. 2008 73% online users have read a blog. Universal McCann, Social Media Trends, April 2008 43% of consumers say companies should use social networks to solve consumers' problems. 2008 Cone Business in Social Media Study 93% of Americans believe that a company should have a presence on social media sites. 2008 Cone Business in Social Media Study 57% of people online belong to a social network. Universal McCann, Social Media Trends, April 2008 36% think more positively about companies that have blogs. Universal McCann, Social Media Trends, April 2008
Slide 4: 75 percent of Fortune 1000 companies are eager to get involved in social-networking initiatives for marketing or customer relations purposes, but 50 percent will fail. Gartner Group
Slide 5: End goal is the same: Getting & keeping customers
Slide 6: The world is a giant web of conversations. Customers with customers Sales reps with customers People with people online PR with the media Conversations Employees with customers Executives with opinion leaders Your partners and vendors with customers People with friends
Slide 7: With more channels than ever before Conferences Podcasts Sales meetings Webinars Conversations Blogs You Tube Online communities Social networks
Slide 9: The importance of conversations isn’t new… Trus t • Builds understanding • Emotional connections • Develops relationships
Slide 10: 5 things make it more important 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Trust Overwhelmed Being heard, having a say Emotional connections Web 2.0: Digital Natives + Immigrants
Slide 11: The 5 biggest obstacles 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Starting with technology Company/product focus vs. customer focus Tactics vs. strategic value Command and control mindset (+ Legal!) Nothing to talk about
Slide 13: Most social media has no purpose, plan, design
Slide 14: Sense Engage Activate Measure Stories Creating a social media marketing strategy: SEAMS
Slide 15: Actionable listening Sense What does it mean? Actionable vs. “monitoring” Cross functions
Slide 16: Pinpointing influencers, influences, topics, issues Sense
Slide 17: Customer social media behavior Sense • What is the social media behavior, persona of your customer segments? Who/what influences them? How much of that influence is from online sources? How involved/interested/passionate are they about the category, company, decision? What issues do they care the most about? • • •
Slide 18: Sense What truly makes us different is that we listen to you, our users…Kayak employees (from our CEO to accounting to our geeky engineers) personally answer each and every email. Anyone can listen, but we also react.
Slide 19: Learn how to respond, participate conversationally Engage Helpful, genuine, authentic, social
Slide 20: Engage
Slide 21: Engage Operationalize: who to respond to what/whom
Slide 22: Activate Buying Public relations Customer service Talent recruitment Activate change: Empower processes Leadership communications Employee communications Training Product innovation
Slide 23: Activate Customer service
Slide 24: Activate Public relations
Slide 25: Activate Training
Slide 26: Activate Talent Recruitment
Slide 27: Activate Buying
Slide 28: Activate Employee communications
Slide 29: Activate Product Innovation
Slide 30: Measure Which measures make sense? 1. Beware the disconnects Loyalty goal Customer support page view measures engagement 2. Set measures at start 3. Synch with other business goals, measures
Slide 31: Benefit Traffic Press mentions Search engine positioning Word of mouth Savings: consumer insight Increased sales efficiency Influence/leadership Metric # page views, visitors # stories in media, high profile bloggers % of top search results driven by blog, community # people commenting # times provide useful business insight # prospects, customers, sales who read; content to be repurposed for lead gen # incoming links from prominent sources; # new relationships; syndication into corporate Intranets # of employees, customers who read Negotiated co-sponsor agreements. Value Cost in similar ad channel Ad cost in publication SEO costs, paid search keywords Cost of buzz agent, share of conversation Focus group, survey cost Decrease in sales cost; content creation costs Decrease in paid analyst costs, less PR effort Reduced training; prof’l development costs Decrease in event, marketing costs Reduced training costs Stronger partnerships
Slide 32: Want more interest? Be more interesting Stories
Slide 33: Storytelling “If you say undifferentiated things that are expected, then you shouldn’t expect anyone to care.”
Slide 34: Storytelling Find new story themes at least once a year Beliefs, opinions, ideas that provoke conversation, build understanding; something a person would actually say Why the organization exists, provides direction to what company does Value customers get from doing business with company POINT OF VIEW VISION VALUE PROPOSITION MESSAGING Most important points to convey about company, product, service Simple sentence describing business, how it differs ELEVATOR SPEECH
Slide 35: Storytelling 9 views that get people talking Aspirations & Beliefs David vs. Goliath Avalanche about to roll Anxieties Contrarian Counterintuitive Personal stories “How to” Glitz & Glam Seasonal, Event related
Slide 36: Friendly vs. formal Friendly dealer table earned 13% more revenue. J.D. Power/American Casino study
Slide 37: To get more interest, be more interesting.
Slide 38: Marketing is a conversation!
Slide 39: People want to get help and give help.
Slide 40: 2008 AMA-Berry Book Prize Finalist 2008 Axiom/Inc Gold Medal Winner Let’s keep talking: www.beelinelabs.com www.foghound.com www.marketingtwo.net Lkelly@beelinelabs.com

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