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Exampdf 190-805 Exam Dumps Share 

Actual Exampdf 190-805 exam questions are available for the examinees to prepare the exam well and get the certification with no time.


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Published:  March 23, 2012

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Slide 1: Many new exams are available at, such as 1Z0-102, CAS-001, ST0-147, and so on. With Exampdf real Q&As of any IT certification exam, all the examinees can clear the exams easily. Take charge of your time now.
Slide 2: The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. Exam : 190-805 Title : Using Web Services in IBM Lotus Domino 8 Applications Version : DEMO 1/4
Slide 3: The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. 1. What is the definition of WSDL? A.Web Services Domino Language B.Web Services Definition Language C.Web Services Description Language D.Webservice Specification and Description LanguageWArialZ ANSWER: C 2. Hasad has created a Domino Web service. He has not used any overloaded methods. Hassad is now specifying the Programming model and SOAP message format for the Web service. He needs to ensure that the generated message includes the method name, can be validated with an XML validator, and he must use a scheme that is WS-I compliant. What should Hassad specify for the Programming model and SOAP message format? A.Programming model: RPCSOAP message format: Wrapped B.Programming model: RPCSOAP message format: RPC/encoded C.Programming model: MessageSOAP message format: Wrapped D.Programming model: MessageSOAP message format: Doc/literalWArialZ ANSWER: A 3. Roosevelt wants to write a Domino Web service that queries the Notes database in which it resides, and returns a String result based on that query. What is the easiest way for him to write this Web service? A.Using LotusScript or Java B.Using Formula language with a simple @DbLookup C.Using the "Simple Action" option in the Web service design element that queries a Notes view D.By customizing one of the default Web services in the database that queries views and returns a resultWArialZ ANSWER: A 4. Taj has rewritten some of the EmployeeInfo Domino Web service. The public methods that correspond to the operations of the Web service used to be contained within the EmployeeInfo public class. Taj has renamed these methods and put them in a new public class called GetEmployeeInfo. What are some of the steps that should be taken in order for the applications that consume this Web service to be able to work? A.Set the PortType class on the basics tab of the Web services properties to "GetEmployeeInfo". The consumer applications will then need to be modified as per the new WSDL. B.No changes are needed. Since the name of the Web service design element has not changed, and the functions and classes are public, the consumer applications will continue to work. C.Set the PortType class on the basics tab of the Web services properties to "GetEmployeeInfo". The next time a consumer application sends a SOAP request, the new WSDL will be returned. D.Clear the PortType class on the basics tab of the Web services properties. When the Web service is saved, this field is automatically populated with the proper value, the WSDL is automatically updated, and the clients that call the Web service will reconfigure themselves automatically.WArialZ ANSWER: A 5. What are the four subelements that may be found within a valid SOAP 1.1 fault? 2/4
Slide 4: The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. A.code, string, actor, detail B.faultcode, faultstring, faultactor, detail C.FaultCode, FaultString, FaultActor, FaultDetail D.faultCode, faultString, faultActor, faultDetailWArialZ ANSWER: B 6. Cam is coding a Domino application that will provide a Web service. Where will he add the Web service code in Domino Designer? A.Shared Code > Web Services B.Shared Resources > Web Services C.Shared Code > Agents > Web Services D.Shared Resources > WSDL and Shared Code > Web ServicesWArialZ ANSWER: A 7. Mick is building a LotusScript Web service with a main class of GetEmployeeName. Where will he put the code for that class? A.The Port Type section of the Web service B.The Initialize section of the Web service C.The Declarations section of the Web service D.The GetEmployeeName function of the Web serviceWArialZ ANSWER: C 8. What are the elements that are incorporated within a WSDL file? A.Service, Ports, SOAP Type, Encoding, Methods B.Service, Encoding, Version, Methods, Operation C.Service, Status, Port Type, Operations, Security D.Service, Types, Message, Port Type, Operation, Binding, PortWArialZ ANSWER: D 9. Gloria has coded the GetAccountBalance class in the Declaration section of her Web service. What WSDL element will map to this class name? A.wsdl:binding B.wsdl:service C.wsdl:portType D.wsdl:operationWArialZ ANSWER: C 10. Manju has coded the following two lines in his SOAP request envelope: IBM USD What type of data is being passed to the Web service with these statements? A.Simple data types B.Object data types C.Complex data types 3/4
Slide 5: The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. D.Defined data typesWArialZ ANSWER: A 4/4

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