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As a math teacher, my goal is to develop self-directed learners. I upload all classroom activities and lectures on to plick for easy access from the school.
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Algebra II - Systems- Solving by Substitution Cont

Published: September 01, 2009
Average: viewed 6/6 slides, watched 00:30
Views: 1813     Comments: 0

The powerpoint contains continued practice on solving by substitution.
October 12-Function Notation and Evaluation

Published: October 12, 2009
Average: viewed 9/10 slides, watched 00:33
Views: 1141     Comments: 0

Review of how to write a function and evaluate a function given a value
October 23-Graphing Quadratics-MaxMinandIntercepts

Published: October 26, 2009
Average: viewed 4/4 slides, watched 00:26
Views: 788     Comments: 0

Students continue their understanding of graphing quadratics by examining the max/min values as well as intercepts.
Geometry-Review-Rewriting an Equation to find slope

Published: August 28, 2009
Average: viewed 5/5 slides, watched 00:22
Views: 1107     Comments: 0

Students review how to rewrite an equation into slope intercept form to find the slope of a line.
December 8-Benchmark

Published: December 09, 2009
Average: viewed 4/4 slides, watched 00:13
Views: 800     Comments: 0

Students complete benchmark and complete a review of polynomials
May 5-Student Program Booklet Review Day 1

Published: May 10, 2010
Views: 952     Comments: 0

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