superliving DR.SUHAS MHETRE

Medical Qualifications
 M.D (Alternative Medicines), Sri Lanka (1993–1994)
– By thesis.
 Diploma in Acupuncture, Sri Lanka
 Vaidya Visharad & Ayurved Ratna, Hindi Sahitya
Sammelan, Allahabad
 Diploma in Naturopathy - All India Nature Cure Federation,
 New Delhi
 Acupressure Therapy - Keshav Gore Smarak Trust,
 Goregaon
 Acupressure Therapy - Dr. Vora, Arya Samaj
 Yoga Therapy - Ambika Yog Kutir, Thane (Nikam guruji)
 Yoga Therapy - Yoga Vidya Niketan, Sri. Nimbalkar Guruji
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT)
 Presently doing P.G. Diploma in Hospital Administration.

Completed Diploma in trade unionism & Industrial Relations and secured third rank.
Completed “Worker Teacher” course conducted by C.B.W.E. Mumbai in 2000.
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