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IT and BPO Jobs in India

Published: March 10, 2009
Average: viewed 4/4 slides, watched 00:21
Views: 1380     Comments: 2

essential job search

Published: September 26, 2008
Average: viewed 8/9 slides, watched 00:31
Views: 992     Comments: 0

One of the very common mistakes made by many job seekers is getting into easily and quickly available jobs irrelevant to their educational backgrounds or interests.
R&D Jobs are Alluring Job Aspirants in India

Published: March 05, 2009
Average: viewed 5/5 slides, watched 00:24
Views: 823     Comments: 0


Published: September 22, 2008
Average: viewed 8/9 slides, watched 00:27
Views: 1069     Comments: 0

Global Recession Effects Placements and Packages Of IIM

Published: March 12, 2009
Average: viewed 3/3 slides, watched 00:17
Views: 1867     Comments: 1

Interview – a powerful means to convey your capabilities

Published: September 23, 2008
Average: viewed 4/4 slides, watched 00:17
Views: 1756     Comments: 0

Interview is the process through which an employer evaluates an employee for a specific position
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