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I am working in a Everlastgenerators as a tig welder. My hobbies are writing welding articles and my website is:
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Published: August 05, 2009
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This is an article on the basics of Arc welding and its equipment.Arc Welding occurs when powerful heat starts to melt the metal, this causes an electric arc.
A general introduction to the welding process

Published: September 13, 2010
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Welding is a fabrication process used to join metal pieces or parts together by heating the surfaces to the point of melting. Various energy sources can be used for the process, including gas flame, electric arc, laser, electron beam, friction and u (more)

Published: May 06, 2010
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Plasma cutters are one of the most efficient metal cutting machines as their accuracy is matchless. If you are planning to get a Plasma Cutter for your business then it’s worthwhile to make an effort and pick a plasma cutting machine that is a model (more)
Accurate plasma cutters

Published: February 21, 2011
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In order to choose a decent plasma cutter one needs to have a fair bit of knowledge regarding the material that needs to be cut. The thickness of the material is a key factor here. After careful analyzing and observations achieved, we can choose amo (more)
A complete overview on welding

Published: October 26, 2010
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In this article, you can find all the concepts about welding, in short, a complete overview on welding and welding process is what you can find here.

Welding is important in manufacturing industry

Published: November 15, 2010
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Welding is a word that gives sound like two different expressions such as well+ ding, so with the sound you can just assume it as a method that is well matched for manufacturing industries.
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