ericcxu Eric Xu
I'm the president and co-founder of Hope you enjoy the site.
For anything you'd like to discuss, feel free to write to me at EricAndLei_at_myplick_dot_com.
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plicker annalove99 (2 years ago)
I saw your profile and became interested in knowing more about you for a sweet name is Anna,I will appreciate if we get acquinted as soon as possible and my e-mail address is( I look forward to hear from you soonest.
From Anna..I LOVE YOU

if you can send mail to my Email box i will send you my photo and about me OK so i will know about you OK my in mail is this ( and God Bless you?
plicker oscar (5 years ago)
plicker juandi (5 years ago)
Hello, again, Ericcxu:

There is some problem with plick? I cannont upload PPT´s?

Regards from Spain.
plicker JUANDI (5 years ago)
Hello, again, Erickcxu: I have a problem with my PPT "El jardin de las delicias". Perhaps there is a mistake when I was uploading. Can you help me? I can´t see the first image and was imposible edit the music.
Yhank you.
plicker anonymous (6 years ago)
hello, boss!
I can not log in in because I forget my password and user's name.



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Gas price is going up everyday. Emails with these pictures are circulating...
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Chenchen survived from sichuan earthquake, but lost his left leg

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