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Watch Hell and Back Again (2011) Online

Watch Hell and Back Again (2011) Online

Park City — A picture can be worth a thousand words, but a thousand pictures can be worthless. That’s what war-front photographer Danfung Dennis came to realize about the impact his battleground photographs were having on a public increasingly desensitized to the up-close horrors of war.

So, photographer Danfung Dennis became filmmaker Danfung Dennis and the results are this powerful depiction of the horrors and daily violence of our ongoing war in Afghanistan.

Playing in the World Cinema Documentary Competition here at Sundance, Hell and Back Again interconnects the terrifying, frontline hell of Sgt. Nathan Harris of U.S. Marines Echo Company and the equally terrible pain he fights when he returns to civilian life in North Carolina, his hip shattered and his femur obliterated during an attack.

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Watch The Bounty Hunter Online

Watch The Bounty Hunter Online

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